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Find Tons of Icons!

Large Screenshot Use this great tool to find icons everywhere in your computer. Before you search the Internet for cool icons, look a little closer to home. Chances are you'll find some neat images hiding inside the files on your very own hard drive!

Icon Catcher is a 32-bit utility that can find and extract icon files from any .exe, .dll, or any other type of file that might contain embedded icons. Each icon may be saved in either .bmp or .ico format, or copied to the Clipboard for pasting into your favorite graphics editor. You can also pick the background color for maintaining the transparency of bitmaps and grab any images directly from your Windows screen.

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Check out the program main features:

  • Nice and friendly multilingual user interface. Supports more than 30 languages.
  • Highest scan speed! You need about 1.5 min to scan 3GB of files.
  • Supports standard 32x32 and Custom icon sizes.
  • Supports true color and 256 color icons.
  • Transparent color autodetection algorithm.
  • Can save icons in both .ICO and .BMP format.
  • Allows to save images in internal .IC collection format.
  • Allows to grab icons directly from Windows screen with special Capture-Lens.
  • Smart icons saving algorithm. (use optimal color format for each icon).
  • Automatically detects and removes annoying icon duplicates.
  • CPU usage control for better background performance.
Icon Catcher: Find tons of icons!

Latest Version 3.1.361
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Is it easy for you to navigate through and manage your collection of icons? Use

EldoS Thumbnailer

to select and manage images that you've collected with Icon Catcher.

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