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Icon Catcher: What's new in this version?

v4.2.33 (18 Feb 2008)

  • BUGFIX: AV error when program is closing. Fixed!
  • CHANGE: Re-arranged work with LAN paths in History to avoid delay at program start (if program is unable to access LAN path at startup).

v4.2.31 (17 Feb 2008)

  • FEATURE: Now fully supports large Windows Vista PNG icons even under non-Vista OS environment.
  • FEATURE: The Icon Size filter parameters was extended for filtering of 128x128 and 256x256 icons.

v4.1.23 (19 Mar 2007)

  • BUGFIX: Fixed problem with toolbar icons under Windows Vista.

v4.1.19 (18 May 2006)

  • BUGFIX: Fixed problem with freezing while scanning for icons in some 16-bit .dll or .icl files.

v4.1.18 (04 Apr 2006)

  • FEATURE: New optimized icon scanning for most of file types.
  • FEATURE: Increased speed of saving icons into collection.
  • BUGFIX: Fixed problem with hanging on scanning large file.
  • CHANGE: Revised text labels on some GUI elements.

v4.0.17 (17 Nov 2005)

  • BUGFIX: Fixed problem with saving single image of the selected icon.
  • FEATURE: Added context menu into Icon Images View.

v4.0.16 (18 Sep 2005)

  • Maintenance build. Clearing expired activation keys.

v4.0.15 (16 Sep 2005)

  • BUGFIX: Some 32-bit bitmaps can't be load into Icon Catcher. Fixed!
  • CHANGE: Minor improvements in scanning algorithm.

v4.0.14 (15 Sep 2004)

  • FEATURE: Full Drag&Drop support. Now you can drag icons from Icon Catcher onto any application that can accept files. You also can drop files on Icon Catcher to scan them for icons.
  • BUGFIX: Incorrect behavior of the caption editor when user press Delete button while editing. Fixed!
  • CHANGE: Now user can cancel editing of the icon's caption by pressing [Esc] key.
  • CHANGE: Now context menu popups near the focused icon if user activates context menu by keyboard.
  • CHANGE: The Ctrl+X shortcut no more used for exit program for compatibility reasons. Please, use Alt+F4 instead.

v4.0.13 (12 May 2004)

  • CHANGE: Now if you select single image of icon, press Save button located at Images view and select .ico format, only the single selected image will be saved (instead of saving complete images set).
  • CHANGE: Now Icon Catcher also remembers the last save folder for save single icon operation too.

v4.0.12 (08 Nov 2003)

  • BUGFIX: AV error appeared during the saving process of multiple icons. Fixed!
  • FEATURE: Added the "Select All..." menu item into context popup menu of Results and Output.
  • FEATURE: Now Icon Catcher remembers the last folder where icons were saved and offers this folder as a default for next icons saving.

v4.0.11 (12 Sep 2003)

  • FEATURE: Improved program Status Bar
  • FEATURE: Added BMP files handling and icon extraction.
  • FEATURE: Added Save button into Images panel to quick save selected image.
  • BUGFIX: When using Capture Lens some images appears twice in Results view. Fixed!

v4.0.10 (30 Aug 2003)

  • BUGFIX: Serious bug was fixed! Due to an error in algorithm the scan performance was very slow in some conditions. Fixed!

v4.0.9 (30 Aug 2003)

  • FEATURE: Now user can select options to clear Results window before every new search for icons.
  • FEATURE: Confirmation of clearing Results added.
  • FEATURE: Capture Lens is coming back with new extended capture parameters.
  • FEATURE: Now user can always use the same single Icon Catcher window for all scans made from shell context menu.
  • BUGFIX: The explorer popup menu extension can not be registered for directories. Fixed!
  • BUGFIX: Some images of icons may become invisible after Drag and Drop operation. Fixed!

v4.0.8 (18 Aug 2003)

  • FEATURE: Added new formats for export images. Now you can save images as .BMP and .PNG (allows true alpha-transparency) files.
  • FEATURE: Now you can pass files and folders to program by command-line arguments.
  • FEATURE: Now program supports Windows Expolorer shell integration. Special menu item can be added to the Explorer's context menu to speed up access to the icons from your favorite file manager program. By default this function is inactive. You can activate it in Preferences dialog.
  • CHANGE: Added key activation system.
  • BUGFIX: Some visual problems in GUI were resolved.

v4.0.7 (16 Aug 2003)

  • FEATURE: Added Toolbar customization menu for all toolbars in program. Right-click on a toolbar to call customization menu.
  • FEATURE: Added Icons View customization button and menu.
  • FEATURE: Now you can choose what operation to use between Results and Output: Copy or Move. Hold down the Ctrl key to perform Copy operation.
  • CHANGE: Menu and Toolbars was re-composed to fit in all new functions.
  • CHANGE: Improved program apperance on low resolutions (less than 800x600).
  • BUGFIX: When dragging images from Filtered window, some not filtered images appeared in target window.
  • BUGFIX: The Icons View context popup menu can't be activated by keyboard event. Fixed!

v4.0.6 (14 Aug 2003)

  • FEATURE: Now program can accept files drag&dropped from other Windows applications. To scan some files simply drag&drop them on the Icon Catcher's window.
  • FEATURE: Added function to check for available updates for Icon Catcher.
  • BUGFIX: Program closes when user is trying to access the Preferences dialog on a computer running Windows2000 + Service Pack 4. Fixed!
  • BUGFIX: Problem with detecting default Windows icon editor. Fixed!
  • CHANGE: Corrected some spelling mistakes.

v4.0.5 (12 Aug 2003)

  • FEATURE: Now you can save series of separate .ico files.
  • FEATURE: Progress dialog now displays full path to the scanned file.
  • BUGFIX: Superfluous flickering of Images pane was fixed!

v4.0.4 (11 Aug 2003)

  • initial beta release.

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