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Mail Redirect: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I redirect messages to the right recipient depending on what is placed in To: header of email message?

You should use special Rules to let Mail Redirect manage your mail flow according message headers. To learn more how to use Rules please, click here.

Q: I'm wondering exactly what the limitations are on the Mail Redirect. It seems to be a fully functional version freeware. Is there a time or functional restriction?

The Mail Redirect is not freeware, but it's fully functional during trial period. The only limitation is number of mailboxes. In trial version you can redirect mail only from 1 (one) mailbox. In full version the number of mailboxes is not limited.

Q: The MailRedirect downloads messages from my POP mailbox well, but the sending is the problem! I got '501 Unauthorized sender' or '454 5.7.3 Client does not have permission to send As this sender' error message from my SMTP server. How can I fix this problem?

First of all make sure you have installed MailRedirect build 241 or later. You can download latest version by clicking here. This version has new custom parameter called 'SMTP FromName'. You should fill this parameter with any allowed sender address. Please, do the following:

  1. Make sure the MailRedirect is not run.
  2. Go to the folder where MailRedirect is installed and find mred.ini file.
  3. Open this file in any plain text editor (F.ex. NOTEPAD).
  4. Find the section [Main Options].
  5. In this section find parameter SMTP FromName=. If you see no such parameter in [Main Options] section you should add it manually.
  6. Fill your allowed sender address. I.e. change this parameter to:

    SMTP FromName=myallowedaddress@server.com

  7. Save your mred.ini file.
  8. Start MailRedirect.

Q: Is there any possibility (command line option?) to terminate the program after redirection/forwarding has finished? I'd like to call it from a Scheduler together with a dialer.

Yes, the MailReirect has special deliver_once command-line paramter. You can use the following syntax to run MailRedirect, perfrom mail delivery and exit:

mred.exe deliver_once

Q: Is it possible to add passwords in plain text into mred.ini for bulk mailbox creation?

Yes! Since version 1.4 (build 276) you can add plain text passwords into mred.ini. You just need to use leading $ symbol before password to indicate what password is not encoded. For example:

User Password=$MyCoolPass

The program will use MyCoolPass as a mailbox password. Note: The program will autoencode plain text passwords on exit to keep it in secret.

Mail Redirect: FAQ

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