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Mail Redirect: Using Delivery Rules

With Delivery Rules you can redirect messages depending on Header lines of the email message. F.ex. you can use To header to deliver messages depending on username (the email address part before the @ sign). See example below... Rules should be specified as a alternative Recipients in Mailbox settings. You can also use Rules along with regular target email addresses.

To define your Rules please, follow this instruction:

  1. Start MailRedirect, go to Settings... -> Mailboxes and select the mailbox you wish to apply the Rule. After that click Modify... - the mailbox editing dialog will appear on the screen.

  2. Now you should add Rule string in the Redirect To field by using the following simple syntax:


    For example:

    To: "john" -> "john@yourcompany.com"

    This Rule means that all messages that has substring 'john' in the To: header will be redirected to the 'john@yourcompany.com' address. You also may use any other email headers to match substring.

    For example:

    Subject: "sales" -> "sales@yourcompany.com"

    This rule will send any message with 'sales' substring in the Subject to the sales@yourcompany.com address.

    You can also use negative rules. Every negatively matching rule should begin with ! (exclamation mark).

    For example:

    !From: "john" -> "postmaster@yourcompany.com"

    This rule will redirect all messages that DOES NOT contain 'john' in From header.

    You may use multiple rules in the Redirect To field by entering one Rule per line. Important! You have to finish list of Rules by valid email address that will receive all mail of the given mailbox. This is required to prevent messages jamming in the queue if it does not match any rule in list. In most cases it can by postmster or admin address of the sending host.

    For example:

    To: "john" -> "john@yourcompany.com"
    Subject: "sales" -> sales@yourcompany.com

  3. Click Apply... button to your changes take effect.
Mail Redirect: Delivery Rules

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