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Mail Redirect: What's new in this version?

v2.1.390 (10 May 2008)

  • FEATURE: Now spports negatively matching conditions in Delivery Rules. See Delivery Rules for details.

v2.1.380 (10 Nov 2007)

  • FEATURE: Since this version you can re-send Undelivered messages by using Tools - Re-send Undelivered function.

v2.1.360 (03 Aug 2007)

  • BUGFIX: Program terminates with fatal error at Windows startup if installed as a NT service. Fixed!

v2.1.315 (12 Nov 2006)

  • BUGFIX: Program hangs after period of time when running as NT service. Fixed!
  • FEATURE: New logging procedures with automatic purging.
  • CHANGE: Changed look of some dialog items for more comfortable work with program.

v2.1.310 (11 Nov 2006)

  • BUGFIX: Some messages could stuck in outgoing queue. Fixed!
  • FEATURE: Now you can leave messages on server for user specified period of time.

v2.0.300 (15 Oct 2006) Major update

  • FEATURE: Added support for Secure SSL protocols for POP and SMTP. Both Explict (STLS/STARTTLS) and Implict modes supported.
  • FEATURE: Added support for connections through SOCKS proxy v4/4a and v5.
  • FEATURE: Now can be run as native NT service. Also can emulate service under Win9x and WinME.
  • CHANGE: Major changes in program window layout, buttons, menus etc. to provide more flexibility to user.
  • FEATURE: Eats less memory!

v1.4.276 (30 Mar 2005)

  • FEATURE: Now the passwords can be added to the mred.ini in plain text for bulk migration. Just enter leading $ char before the plain text password.

v1.4.275 (18 Nov 2003)

  • BUGFIX: Program was unable to downlaod messages if the first message is hidden in box. Fixed!
  • CHANGE: Now program prevents delivery if the Setup dialog is opended.

v1.4.274 (29 Jul 2003)

  • BUGFIX: Problem with using login with @ character (f.ex. user@server.com). Fixed!

v1.4.273 (09 Jul 2003)

  • CHANGE: No more attempts to send zero-length messages.

v1.4.272 (04 Jul 2003)

  • BUGFIX: Fixed problem, causing the program stops responding after the message sending.
  • BUGFIX: Useless 100% CPU utilization at the end of every message send. Fixed!
  • CHANGE: Now program does not attempt to establish SMTP connection if there is no messages to deliver.
  • Other minor optimizations...

v1.3.241 (07 Apr 2003)

  • FEATURE: Addeded special configuration parameter (SMTP FromName) what helps avoid the '501 Unauthorized sender' problem with some SMTP servers. More info available in FAQ Section.

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