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What can Helexis products do for you?

Site Publisher v2.6.125
Publish your web documents in the Internet with ease! We developed this innovative FTP client program to help webmasters with uploading files and maintaining websites automatically. More info >>

Drive Health v2.5.194
Predict possible HDD filures and estimate the Life Resource of your hard disk. Program allows you to monitor performance and reliability of your hard drive. Be informed when usage of your disk will become unsafe! More info >>

Icon Catcher v4.2.37
Before start searching the Internet for cool icons, look a little closer to home. With this program you can find some neat images hiding inside the files on your very own hard drive! More info >>

Mail Redirect v2.1.402
Redirect your email message from one acccount to another! Share your office mail and read it from home computer. Organize email flow in your office by redirecting to MS Exchange Server. More info >>

Download our software products for free!

We are glad to represent our software products designed for MS Windows™. The trial versions are available for free, so you can fully evaluate it before spending your money.

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