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Quick Guide to Icon Catcher program learning how to find, extract, save and reuse icons.


Capturing Icons From Windows Screen

The Icon Catcher can extract icons not only from files on disk. It also can grab images directly from your Windows Screen with special tool called Capture Lens! This lens acts exactly as the real-life lens does. When you press the Capture button the main Icon Catcher window hides and small transparent window (Capture Lens) appears on the screen. You can see magnified image of your current screen in this window. The magnifying window can be dragged around the screen to find interesting image that you want to capture. The magnified view allows you to align Lens over the image with highest accuracy!

Drag the Capture Lens and align it over the image you want to capture.

When you positioned Lens over the interesting image, hit [Enter] or double-click the Lens to capture the image. The resulting icon will appear in Results window of Icon Catcher immediately.

Note: Before you start capture any of images make sure the Color and Size filters are turned off. This is important because the captured icon may not meet the filter criteria and will never appear in Results. The resulting icon size depends on Results view icon size settings. To change the default icon size for Results: Right-click in the view and select Customize, then select appropriate icon dimension.

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Icon Catcher: How to grab icons directly from Windows screen?

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