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Getting Started

Quick Guide to Icon Catcher program learning how to find, extract, save and reuse icons.


Saving Icons

Once you get some nice icons in the Results window you may want to keep them for future usage in your documents or other applications. To do so, you need to save your icons!

First select one or multiple icons in Results window. Note: you can use Shift+MouseClick to select set of icons or use Ctrl+MouseClick to switch selection state of some single icons. Use both methods for more flexible selection.

Multiple selection sample.

Now select main menu item File -> Save Selected to open Save dialog. By default all your icons will be saved within My Documents\My Icons folder, but you can choose your own directory for saving icons. Click Save or Ok button to write icons to disk.

That's all! Now your new icons are ready for using with your documents or applications. See also the Save Icons Into Collection section.

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Icon Catcher: How to save icons to disk?

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