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Quick Guide to Icon Catcher program learning how to find, extract, save and reuse icons.


Saving Icons Into Collection

If you need to save 1-5 icons it's good idea to save them as a separate .ico files. But if you wish to store hundreds or thousands of icons it can be too wasteful to create thousands of files. To help you manage large number of icons the Icon Catcher has special function to combine and store icons into Collections (*.icl files). The icons stored in Collections can be re-used from any Windows applications, documents, shortcuts, etc. Furthermore collections help to save your disk space and to organize your icons in more pleasant way.

First of all, scan for icons in any way described in Scanning For Icons section. After that you need to select some icons in Results windows (see how to select single or multiple icons in Saving Icons section) and drag and drop them to the Output.

Drag an Drop icons into Output tray.

The Output is the tray where you'll prepare icons for saving in Collection. By using drag&drop operation within Output window you can change icons order. When you finished combining your collection, press Save to Collection button of Output toolbar (the button with small floppy disk image) - the Save Icons dialog will appear on the screen.

In opened dialog choose the folder on your disk where you wish to place your collection and type the collection name (say: my_first_collection), then press Save button.

That's all! Now you have Collection saved under my_first_collection name. For example: you can use this collection to change default icons of your desktop shortcuts.

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Icon Catcher: How to create icons Collections (.icl)?

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