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Getting Started

Quick Guide to Icon Catcher program learning how to find, extract, save and reuse icons.


Scanning For Icons In Files

It's possible that thousands of icons are hidden in various files on your disk. Let's try to extract them all with your new Icon Catcher!

After you run the program, main window of the Icon Catcher will appear on the screen. The program has implemented three scan methods:

Use this buttons to start finding icons on your computer!
  1. FindAll - press this button and relax! Icon Catcher will automatically scan all your disks for icons in files. Note: This process may take some time and can be RAM consuming if you have too many files containing icons. The average system should handle about 50000 icons with no problem.
  2. Find in Folder - by pressing this button you will be prompted to select a folder for scanning. This function is suitable for a situation when you need to extract icons from files located in a specified directory. Note: The scanning dept may depend on Preferences settings (see the Scan tab on Preferences dialog).
  3. Find in File - is very similar to "Find in Folder", but it prompts to select single file for extracting icons.

No matter what method you selected the final result will appear in Results window of Icon Catcher.

scan for icons, find icon, icon finding methods

Icon Catcher: Choosing the right method to find more icons.

Latest Version 4.2.37
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